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Episode #18
(28 August 2011)

Against the backdrop of a devastating famine that has already claimed the lives of 30,000 children in just three months, unspeakable violence is being committed in Kenya and Somalia against female refugees and their male family members. Women – tired, hungry and already mourning the deaths of their children – are being raped by gangs and criminals. Men have been forced at gunpoint to rape their sisters and brothers’ wives. Somalia may be far from Singapore. And the situation may appear complex or intractable. But as Bono told CNN, this does not absolve us from the responsibility to act. We know that many of you would like to learn more and take action.  This page has links to

  • * reports from Somalia
  • * organisations working on the ground that need further support and
  • * petitions you can sign to press world leaders to step up to ensure security in the refugee camps and quickly fill the funding gap for emergency assistance

Episode 18 : Somalia: Twice Terrorised – By Hunger and Rape

Stop Rape in Somali Famine Zone



Dear World Leaders, Please urgently provide the full funding that the UN has identified as necessary to help people in the Horn of Africa, and please keep your promises to deliver the long term solutions which could prevent crises like this happening again.”


To the United Nations Security Council, The Somali people are in the grips of a terrible famine. We call on you to step forward and support key Gulf states like the United Arab Emirates in an effort to lead mediation efforts and ensure Al-Shabaab allows immediate and secure access to all territories under it’s control for the humanitarian agencies. This is the only way to stop the horrific famine. Nineteen years ago, the world withnessed the death by starvation of 300,000 Somalis. Let’s not allow this to happen again.”


Bono and Somali singer K’Naan talk to CNN’s Anderson Cooper

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